DIY Japanese Kiridashi knife

Making a Japanese Kiridashi Knife from a file – Step by Step Guide.

Kiridashi PDF template

kiridashi printable PDF template

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Tanto 3D model

kiridashi 3D CAD model

Download 3D model

To make it I used my homemade tools:

DIY kiridashi from file
The Japanese Kiridashi is a time-honored pocket knife stemming from Japan, unique for its precise and slender blade.
DIY kiridashi from file
Well-acknowledged for its versatility, the knife is frequently wielded for tasks like wood carving, marking out lines, and as a general-purpose utility tool.
DIY kiridashi from file
Its distinct design, often with an angled tip and sharp single edge, has earned it high regard in the realms of woodworking and craftsmanship.

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