DIY Mini Router Table + Lift

Building your very own DIY Mini Router Table Lift. In this video, we’re going to you, step by step, as you learn how to construct a sturdy, efficient router table from plywood.
router table

  1. Bolt M6 x 50 x 4
  2. Coupling nut M8 x 1
  3. Flat Head Machine Screw M6x20 x 4
  4. Flat washer 6x 8
  5. Flat washer 8x 4
  6. Hexagon socket head cap screw DIN 912 M8x35
  7. Nut M6x 4
  8. Nut M8x 5
  9. Threaded Insert M6 x 4
  10. Threaded rod M8, length=180 mm

  1. Plexiglass Sheet S=8mm
  2. Plywood 4 mm
  3. Plywood 18 mm

Mini Router table Plans

router table plans

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3D model

router table -3D model

Download 3D model

DIY router table lifter

router bit storage

To make it I used my homemade tools:

router table lift

homemade router table lifter

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