DIY grinding wheel balancing system

Get started with our easy-to-follow DIY grinding wheel balancing system tutorial!
Learn how to properly balance your grinding wheel using cost-effective, accessible tools, and materials right from the comfort of your own workshop.

  1. Bolt M6 x 80 x 4
  2. Nut M6x 4
  3. Tube 10×1, L=250 x 4

  1. Plywood 15 mm

Grinding wheel balancing system Plans

grinding wheel balancer plans

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Grinding wheel balancer 3D model

balancer 3D CAD model

Download 3D model

To make it I used my homemade tools:

Step-by-step instructions to ensure a perfectly balanced grinding wheel every time. Ideal for beginners and amateur hobbyists looking to enhance their skill set.

grinding wheel balancing system

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  1. Dr John Morrissey says

    Great idea. I will definitely make one.

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