DIY Bar Clamps

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    Really, seeing these tutorials is an inspiration, where there is no waste. A whole series of details, which make the most complex and difficult things seem perfectly achievable, thanks to the expertise of this industriousness and tenacious demonstration of skill, dexterity, but also patience to go step by step in the process of building these interesting bar clamp in a simple and neat way. Thank you, thank you very much for taking the time so that those of us who do not know the alphabet of craftsmanship with wood can also explore the feasibility of carrying out projects like the one shown here. From Venezuela we congratulate this initiative.

    Finally I confess that Spanish is my native language, the only one I know and practice. I hope you can understand what I want to convey and can excuse my misuse of your English language.

    Atte., from the south of Venezuela, on a bank of the Apure River, Roberto Bermúdez

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