Homemade Sharpening Jig for knives, scissors and chisels

Today I will show you how to make an universal jig for sharpening knives, chisels and scissors.
scissors sharpening jig
knife sharpening system
chisel sharpening jig


  1. Galvanized Steel Plate (2,5 x 35 x 100) x 2
  2. Glass 25×150, 5 mm thick x 5min
  3. Hardwood pieces
  4. Leather
  5. Plywood 12 mm
  6. Plywood 20 mm
  7. Sandpaper: 240, 320, 800, 1500, 2000 grit
  8. Spring x 1
  9. Stainless steel shaft dia. 8, length = 400 (you can use a shaft from broken inkjet printer)
  10. Stainless steel tube 10×1, L= 40 mm
  11. Wood Screws 3.5×38

Sharpening system Plans

sharpening system plans

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3D model

knife sharpening system

Download 3D model

To make it I used:

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