Homemade Woodworking Lathe Machine Using Washing Machine Motor

Today I will show you how to make a wood lathe machine with free plans

DIY woodworking lathe machine DIY woodworking lathe machine

  1. Bolt M8 x 100 x 2
  2. Bolt M10 x 100 x 1
  3. Flat Fender washer M10 х 13
  4. Flat Fender washer M16 х 1
  5. Frame anchor bolt M10x130 х 6
  6. Locknut M10 x 12
  7. Nail
  8. Nut M8x 4
  9. Nut M16х 5
  10. Nut M24 х 3
  11. Stainless steel tube 10×1, L=70 мм x 2
  12. Steel strip 3 х 25 х250
  13. T-nut M10 OR Coupling nut M10 x 1
  14. Threaded rod M10, length=(90 x 6)=540mm
  15. Threaded rod M16, length= (325+215)=540mm
  16. Threaded rod M24, length= 350mm

  • Shaft Ø35 mm, L=550mm
  • Bearing Pillow Block SKF UCP207 х 2
  • Washing Machine Motor 585 W
  • V-belt Type B, Length=1400mm
    1. Tube 1’’ (Nipple Pipe Fitting), L=150…160 mm
    2. Wood Screws 3.5×19
    3. Plywood 10 mm OR 12 mm
    4. Plywood 18 mm or 20 mm
    5. Lumber 40×100 mm

    Wood Lathe Plans

    DIY woodworking lathe machine plans

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    3D model

    DIY woodworking lathe CAD model

    Download 3D model

    DIY woodworking lathe machine

    To make it I used:

    DIY woodworking lathe machine

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